supported training plans

Training plans aren’t an ideal medium for a coach to help you achieve your goals. There are simply too many variables along the way which will alter the trajectory of your development. At the same time, we understand that one-to-one coaching isn’t for everyone whether that be due to you wanting to keep more control over your training or the financial commitment. So we developed a ‘middle ground’ - The Supported Plan.

16 week training plan

This gives you a 16 week training plan leading up to the UK Ultra race distance of your choice delivered over the app Final Surge. This platform syncs with Garmin Connect and Strava, amongst others, to pull your workout data across. It will then match that to the assigned schedule with metrics available for you to see. It has the added benefit of acting much like a training log giving you space to record qualitative data about your run - how you felt, the effort you completed it at and any niggles or injury concerns you have. While this won’t be looked at directly by our coach, it gives you something to look back, reflect on and take forwards into your future training.

In order to move away from the conventional training plan framework, we will then be setting up a Facebook page to act as a forum. It will be overseen by our experienced coach, Jamie Stephenson, who will answer your questions to help you complete your programme to the best of your abilities. This may include advice on how to complete a workout, how to modify the training plan to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or simply to clarify understanding on what a specific workout is for.

UK Ultra branded finish line
UK Ultra race finish line

This group will also act as a community page

The training plans will be synced so that different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) will be completing grades of the same workout. As a result, we can build some hype and gain inspiration from each others sessions. Without doubt this will help you complete your training plan with the upmost motivation.

The cost will be £120. Thats a single payment for the full 16 weeks. It includes access to your training plan on Final Surge and support from our experienced coach via the Facebook group allowing you to get your questions answered in order to execute the training plan to best of your abilities.

How it works

Step 1 - Register your interest. Either hit the ‘I would like to purchase a supported training plan for this event’ when you sign up to the event or by emailing UK Ultra ( or Coach Jamie Stephenson ( We can help you decide on what level of plan would be appropriate for yourself.

Step 2 - Download the Final Surge app and create an account

Step 3 - We will send you an invite to link us up via Final Surge. You will need to accept this in the app

Step 4 - We will upload the training plan onto Final Surge

Step 5 - Search for the ‘UK Ultra Coaching’ group on Facebook and request to join

Step 6 - When the training plans are due to start (06.02.23), we will post on the group to get things going. From there, you can ask questions. They will be answered twice weekly by our experienced coach to help you complete your training plan the best way you can and to get you to race day feeling fit and ready to smash your goals.

If you want to make the most of your UK Ultra event in 2024, sign up to The Supported Plan now.