RUN Coaching

Running is a simple endeavour - lace up your shoes and walk out of the door.

That's why so many of us love it. However, that ethos can sometimes be lost in the training process. We believe that with the right balance and correct ingredients, training can be made simple and enjoyable while driving improvement and success.

Everyone can benefit from run coaching no matter your level of fitness or experience. By tailoring training to your lifestyle, fitness level and goals, it not only allows your time and energy to be used most efficiently but also reduces your risk of injury (which can be significant when following generic training plans sourced off the internet).training process. We believe that with the right balance and correct ingredients, training can be made simple and enjoyable while driving improvement and success. We are delighted to have top runner Jamie Stephenson on board as our lead coach. Not only is he a high level runner, but also very knowledgeable and supportive of his athlete’s. We believe he is the perfect person to help you achieve your goals.

Jamie Stephenson

Like so many, I started running because I saw myself on a downward spiral of poor health and bad habits. After googling what a ‘good 10k time’ is, I set myself a target to run 10k in under 50 minutes. Twenty four hours later I accomplished that and so my running journey began. Now, I have worked my way through many different disciplines, road to trail and 5k to 50miles, to find myself focusing more on ultra-running.

Outside of running, I work as a GP registrar in Cornwall. I have ambitions to branch into expedition medicine in the future to combine my love of the outdoors with my passion for helping people. I think the skills required for run coaching and being a doctor overlap immensely - empathiser, master motivator, educator, objective bystander, psychologist.

I have a beautiful wife and two incredible children. They have motivated and supported me through my running career. We love to get outdoors to explore and have grand plans to see the world together in the future.

Photo: No Limits Photography

Jamie Stephenson in yellow running through a tropical forest


I have completed the UESCA running coaching qualification which gave me a great basis on which to set off on this journey. However, I am all too aware that there is no ‘right method’ to run coaching. For this reason, I spend much of my free time reading books and listening to podcasts to expand my understanding of different philosophies and develop my own method of coaching.

Being a doctor has also contributed significantly. It has given me listening, communication and consultation skills that are directly transferable to life as a running coach. Only instead of treating disease, we are preventing it, something that is valued far too little in society today.


I believe that we all have the capacity to run far, fast. It’s simply what humans evolved to do. Try to tell a runner feeling the flow that this isn’t what we were designed for and they will laugh in your face! Unfortunately, the modern world doesn’t require us to do it and so we are largely untrained and demotivated. But for us lucky bunch who have rediscovered our roots we know the joy that is held within running.

I work by the principle that if people are enjoying and engaged with their training then they will improve and thrive. For this reason, I am a strong advocate for a collaborative-type relationship where together we develop and modify a plan that works for you.

Race results

Run To The Sea Bournemouth 50k, 1st and new CR
Virgin Money London Marathon 02:28:22
MudCrew Black RAT, 1st and new CR
Salomon Serpent Trail 50km, 3rd (Golden Trail National Series)
Shepperdine Half Marathon 01:11:07, 3rd

Endurance Life Classic Quarter, 1st
Circumnavigation of Malta FKT
MudCrew Arc 50miler, 1st and new CR
Freedom Racing Clowance Woods, 1st and New CR

Eden Project Marathan, 1st
VO2 Atlantic Coast 40miler, 1st and New CR
The Conquest of Avalon 50miler, 1st and new CR
Dartmoor Discovery 50km, 2nd
Trail Co Lulworth Cove Ultra, 1st and New CR

How it works

After an initial consultation call to discuss your previous experience, goals, etc, I will develop a plan to help you progress as an athlete. We will remain in daily contact via feedback about your sessions over the app Final Surge, and directly via SMS/phone. With this information, we will adapt the training to your preferences and development so it is entirely individualised and adaptable.

What is included?

  • Weekly running schedule delivered online via Final Surge
  • Unlimited contact via SMS, email and phone
  • Daily session analysis and feedback
  • Strength and mobility work
  • Advice on race strategy, nutrition, kit etc

Price £100/month, no initial set up cost or minimum commitment period.
For more information or to sign up, please contact us.